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It is very important to us that everyone who would like to learn to skate or who would like to participate in any of our classes or sessions can do so, regardless of their financial possibilities. If you have financial difficulties and you are unable to pay the full price of any offer, write us an email and we will find a solution.

Contact us:, Phone: 0677 6222 4800

Regarding our classes and prices.

Since many of our instructors are bilingual or have spend many years in an English speaking country, we are happy to offer our classes, trainings and workshops in English or German for you.

Contact us:, Phone: 0677 6222 4800

English or German

"Hybrid Classes"

Since we also like to run our skate lessons in English for you, schools in particular can use this offer to combine their English lessons with a sports class on 8 wheels.

Learning while moving!


This offer is available to all groups and individuals interested in hybrid learning.

Contact us:, Phone: 0677 6222 4800

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