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The experience and awareness, that each
of us is part of the whole.

We are certified Skate Instructors and we are coming from various skate disciplines, like Freestyle Slalom, Inline Hockey, Speed Skating, Roller Soccer, Aggressive Skating, Derby, Artistic Skating and more.

We are passionate skaters and take any opportunity to share our love for skating.

With our colorful range of skate programs, there is something for everyone, whether young or old, beginners, advanced or even professionals. A lot is possible around skating, team events, youth work, roller parties, skate instructor training (also for young people) and much more on our workshop page.


Based on the philosophy of Ubuntu, it is very important to us to bring together and promote the different skate disciplines and groups. Above all, however, to draw the attention of newcomers to us and to give people the opportunity to come together through skating.


Slalom 1.png
Judith Paulsen

Freestyle Slalom Instructor,

Skate IA-Instructor and Examiner,

Outdoor Adventure Guide, Swim Coach,

Feldenkrais Practitioner,

Katharina Bilkova

Skate IA-Instructor,

Aktive Spielerin in der Inline Hockey Bundesliga "Pink Wings".


Christian Habesohn

Skate IA-Instructor, Speed Skate Instructor, Sportlehrer, Athlet

Vereinsobmann SkateFACTORY


synchro dance 2.jpeg
Neli Steward

Skate IA-Instructor & Skate IA-Examiner, Artistic Skate Instructor on Skates & Ice


Mason Sherry

Skate IA-Instructor, Freestyle Slalom Instructor


Sebastian Schipfer

Skate IA-Instructor


Tamara Sherry.jpg
Tamara Sherry

Skate IA-Instructor, Derby Coach


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