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Skate IA - Instructor Certification

In partnership with Skate IA we are excited to be able to offer this internationally recognized Skate Instructor Certification program, which teaches you how to teach, how to improve your teaching, how to break down ANY move into easily digestible steps, for all ages, and how to create a beginning, middle and end to every class you teach.

Learn how to teach inline and roller skaters at any level!


Next certification:

Date: 23rd - 25th of September 2022

Time: Fr 3 - 7pm, Sa  9 - 6pm, So 9 - 5pm

Place: Vienna/ Austria

Cost: 340 Euro


Minimum Requirements:

Candidates should attend with a proficiency in skating. While you will learn the moves, edging and form, you should be considered at least an intermediate skater.


The five moves you will learn to teach are:

  • V-Walk to Basic Stride
  • Heel Stop (inlines) or Toe Stop (roller skates)
  • Pivot
  • Backwards Skating
  • Parallel Turns


The 3 moves to demonstrate proficiently:

  • Hockey Stop, Spin Stop or Powerslide (you choose based on your skating discipline, but all will taught to advance your skills)
  • Crossovers in a circle (one direction)
  • Transitions (moving from forward to backwards and backwards to forwards by stepping)


Get certified, teach with the knowledge necessary to create new skaters and develop long time skaters. Build your community through teaching and sharing your talent for skating.


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Skate IA - Instructor Certification

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