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Group Session Family / Adults

What a great way to have fun together with your friends and family while skating and learning from each other!


Whether you are all beginners, advanced or have a mixed skating skill level you can book our group sessions weekly or monthly with a minimum of 4 people at your nearby park.


We will bring certified and experienced skate instructors, inline skates, equipment and a great skate program, filled with fun challenges, a variety of skate moves and tricks for any skate level to you.


Requirements: 5 - 120 years


Equipment: Skates & protective gear can be provided upon request for free. You are welcome to bring your own skates, helmets or protectors.


Inquiries to:, Phone: 0677 6222 4800


Duration: 1 hour
When: Currently weekly Sunday 9 am, Lidlpark, 1170 Vienna
When: Currently weekly Sunday 11 am, Roßauer Lände, 1090 Vienna
Cost: 15 Eur / Person


New upon request: Skate Sessions in Hütteldorf 1140 und Hitzing 1130.

Group Session Family / Adults

Skating Classes

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