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Private Session Kids

Our private kids one on one sessions are a great way to help improve & refresh your child's skating skills in a non stressful and non competetive atmosphere, with lots of games, challenges and FUN!

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced skater our private class can be tailored to your child's skating abilities & interest while being guided by an experienced skate instructor.


If you are interested in multiple private skating classes for your child, we recommend to sign up for our Kids-Skating-Workshops. As these will be offered as a 4 session package to a special price.


Equipment: Skates & protective equipment can be provided upon request for free.


Contact: Phone: 0677 6222 4800


Duration: 1 hour 
When: By appointment
Location: Vienna
Cost: 50 Eur / Child

Private Session Kids

Skating Classes

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