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Party Time

Let's party!


We are happy to organize your next birthday, dance or special event on skates for you and your friends, for your youngsters and older ones!


We will bring our mobile party package to you, to a nearby park or gym! Our package includes Skate Instructors, skate equipment for all your guests, lots of fun, games and music!


We will tailor our party package to your interest, use it for learning or improving your skate skill together with your friends, learn new tricks or dance moves on skates or just be surprised and let yourself and your guests be entertained by our fun challenges and games for you all!


Equipment: Skates & protective equipment will be provided


Inquiries to: Phone: 0677 6222 4800


Duration: 2 hours
When: By appointment
Location: Vienna & Styria
Cost: 200 Eur for 10 People; additional guests 10 Eur each

Party Time

Skating Classes

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